Poll: Dems have double-digit lead over Republicans on generic ballot

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Democrats have a double-digit lead over Republicans on a generic congressional ballot for the 2018 midterm elections, according to a new poll.

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds 50 percent of registered voters favor a Democratic-controlled Congress, compared to 40 percent who say they would prefer Republicans.

The poll also finds that 60 percent of Democratic voters say they have a "high degree" of interest regarding the 2018 midterm elections. Among those who voted for Hillary Clinton, 64 percent say they have high interest in the elections.

Fifty-four percent of Republicans feel the same way, according to the poll. A slightly higher percentage of those who voted for President Trump, 57 percent, say they have a high degree of interest in the midterms.

The poll also finds that 43 percent of respondents approve of the job Trump is doing in office.

The poll was conducted from March 10-14 among 1,100 adults, including 930 registered voters. The margin of error is 3.2 percentage points.

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