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Congratulations: You've successfully made it to another weekend! If you're anything like the G.I. staff, that means rewarding yourself with 48 hours of decadent, game-playing laziness! Or yardwork. One of the two.

As always, share your weekend plans in the comments below – ours are clearly as boring as all get out, so you've got nothing to be embarrassed about!

Ben Hanson (@BlindBoy) – This weekend I'm going to continue my voyage through the gaming no man's land. I might mess around with some post-game God of War, continue playing The Forest, or just go outside and stare at the sun. Have a good weekend! [Editor's note: Don't stare at the sun.]

Suriel Vazquez (@LootAddict) – My Destiny 2 grinding habit is back in full swing this weekend as I try to wrap up the Sleeper Simulant questline while also backtracking and trying to complete the Lost Prophecy verses from Curse of Osiris. If I can get three Escalation Protocol levels done, I should be golden!

Andrew Reiner (@PapaReinman) – I'm playing both Yuku's Island Express and Forgotten Anne, which I'm almost done with. The weekend is mostly dominated by family time, but I hope to get in some Overwatch and Fortnite matches when the household goes to bed. I'm also going to see Deadpool 2.

Brian Shea (@SerialLiar) – I'm going to spend this weekend playing State of Decay 2 and Overwatch, and maybe I'll finally start Yakuza 6. Yes, I know I've been saying that for weeks now.

Leo Vader (@JunkHeapJones) – I'm having computer problems again so I'll play whatever happens to work on that hunk o' junk! Seems like Destiny 2 is one of around five games that work, so maybe it's time to get caught up on all that DLC. HAGS!

Jeff M (@GodofWoe) – I've yet to finish God of War, so I'm hoping I can get back into the swing of things. I italicized "swing" there because Kratos swings his magic ax a lot. That would've been clearer if I came up with some kind of punny incorporation of the word ax too, but life is full of regrets.

Kyle Hilliard (@LetMeTellYouMyWholeLifeStory) – I am still making my way through Ni no Kuni II, and having a good time with it! Maybe I will finish it this weekend. I am getting pretty close, I can feel it! I also think I will get the Switch version of Little Nightmares so I can have Little Nightmares on my Switch, and then I can also play the DLC, which I never did after playing it on Xbox One. I also want to watch The Castle of Cagliostro with my daughter, which came to Netflix recently. I watched it years ago when it was on the streaming service, but then it disappeared. I am glad it's back. Hopefully my daughter doesn't feel like I am forcing her to watch it. She can walk away if she wants.

Jeff Cork (@BackyardBraggadocio) – I have no idea what I'm going to be playing this weekend. I'm sure that I'll get a few Overwatch matches in, and I might resume my second playthrough of Red Dead Redemption. It just started to get nice out, so I might do the unthinkable and actually try and get out of the house. Yikes!

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