Dragon Ball FighterZ's First Time-Limited Event Is Mondo Cool

Friday, 18 May 2018 18:30 Written by  Read 10 times
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Bandai Namco has hit the go button on Dragon Ball FighterZ's first time-limited event, The Emperor Strikes Back.

The event is part of the Party Battle, which aggregates every person's wins against the event boss to see if players can win the event. Players fight a harder version of Frieza and the wins are counted from all players in all regions. As producer Tomoko Hiroki explained, "The number of enemies defeated during this event is linked across the world, so the number of players participating and the cooperation between those players will become an important point for this event."

You can participate in this event now and it runs through 11:00 PM PT on May 21. If you participate, you'll get a reward Zeni and Premium Z Coins.

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